In Synergia Foxy, content editing has been made simple with an inline-editor. To see the editor, highlight the text or click the right mouse button in the editing view. In mobile devices the editor is stable and above the text to be edited. In mobile devices the number of editor buttons has been reduced to make editing simpler.


Editorin toiminnot

Editing text

Basic styling can be made to the text. The following functions are in use:

Line break

To add a line break, click <Shift>+<Enter>. Please note that on responsive pages, putting in line breaks for appearance's sake should be avoided, as the text will look different on different sized screens.

Heading types

You can specify different styles for your headings. In addition to appearance, headings differ from each other in their rating from a search engine point of view. Heading 1 should be the main heading. After that the content should be divided using varying headings types.


Use this button to highlight selected text.


Use this button to italicize selected text.


Use this button to underline selected text. Use underlining with caution, as links are traditionally underlined.


Use this button to strike through selected text.


Use this button to convert selected text to subscript.


Use this button to convert text to superscript. Superscript is used, e.g. to denote square metres.


Use this button to justify text as required. It is advisable to use this only for cells showing charts, as justified text doesn't usually look too good on a page.


Use this button to change text colour. Choose the colour from the drop down palette. From the top tab in the palette choose to change text colour or background colour. Remove wrongly selected colour using the eraser button


You can divide some content into lists. You can use normal lists or numbered lists (<ul> ja <ol>). There is no difference in their functions. You can add to the list by clicking on whichever icon. When you click <Enter/return> inside the list, you add a new element. If you click twice on <Enter/return>, you will leave that level of the list.

Increase indent

You can indent a list by clicking this button on whichever element you want.

Decrease indent

Use this button to decrease your indentation. You can also use this button to leave list editing if you are in the main list level.

Horizontal line

Use this button to add a horizontal line (<hr />).


You can add tables using this button. It's inadvisable to use tables just for appearance's sake (e.g. image layout) as tables won't necessarily fit entirely on small screens. This button opens a plain text menu for editing a table.

First, choose how many columns and rows you want. After this, the table is added to the editor. The editor’s margin/edge lines will, by default, not be seen in a saved table. When you click on your mouse in any cell of the table, you get a menu where you can edit either the cells or the table.

Cell editing has the following functions:

Header. Use this button to create a list header.

Delete. Use this button to remove the entire table.

Row. Use this button to configure rows in the table. Clicking this button opens a plain text menu, you can e.g. add or remove rows.

Column. Use this button to customize columns. Clicking this button opens a plain text menu, you can e.g. add and remove columns.

Cell. Use this button e.g. to merge and split selected cells.

Cell background. Use this to change background colour of the cell. Choose your colour from the palette. Use eraser to remove the set colour.

Vertical alignment. Use this to adjust cell alignment (if adjacent columns grow larger). By default, the cells align vertically to a centralized base, which does not always look good.

Cell style. Use this button to add a line to desired cell edges.

Other functions


Use this button to cancel internal changes in the editor. If the button is grey, no changes have been made.


Use this button to re-do any cancelled changes. If the button is grey, no changes have been cancelled.

View as HTML

Use this button to access editing of HTML code. In normal use, this button is not required, but advanced users can make changes directly from here.

Upload files

Use this button to upload ready files in valid HTML-format to the Editor. For more information click on: Making use of ready content.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Editor does not work properly, why?

The editor uses modern javascript technology. Your browser is probably too old. However, if your browser is sufficiently new, please let us know so we can fix the problem.

Why can't I add videos directly with the editor?

The videos must also be responsive. For this reason, videos to be added must use embed code modules. 

How do I get the table to look good?

Once you have added a table you can make it look good using the text colour button and the table's own editing tool (Cell background). So, don't use the text background color, as this does not affect the colour of the cell background. You can align the cells using text alignment tools. If necessary, you can add edges to the table using the cell style menu. Note: You can select choose several cells at a time by selecting them.


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