Adding pictures

In Synergia Foxy, adding image files to text content is simple. Images uploaded to the editor are automatically reduced to their maximum width, so you don't have to treat images beforehand.


Picture editing

Click on the picture to edit it.


You can make pictures into links e.g. to another page. More information at: links

Changing pictures

Use this button to change a picture. You can upload a new picture or import one from the Content Bank. If you decide to import a new picture, it will as usual, be automatically fitted to size. The original picture will be stored in the Content Bank (if content has already been saved) If you select a picture from the Content Bank., it will not be reduced in size, as it may be in use elsewhere in larger format.

Removing pictures

Use this button or the <Delete> button to remove a picture from here. If the picture has already been saved before, it will still be kept in the Content Bank

Picture heading

You can give a picture a title here. It's advisable to give pictures titles, as it facilitates finding by search engines. Use the arrow buttons to return to picture editing.

Making use of ready-made pictures

If you have already uploaded a picture, you can use it again on another page. In the add picture menu, you can find this button, which will take you to the Content Bank:

Pictures from the Content Bank will not be reduced in size, but will be uploaded as they are and scaled to fit.

Frequently asked questions

Cannot upload a picture, why?

Picture files must be JPG, PNG or GIF. Also, pictures must be in RGB format.

What does picture's maximum width mean?

A picture may not be at its maximum size on a computer screen. For this reason Foxy checks if it is maximum size in a tablet.

I want to upload a full-size picture with no automatic reduction in size – is this possible?

Yes. Files uploaded directly to the Content Bank are not reduced in size, as their maximum width is unknown. Note, however, that a picture may be very large in file size and therefore take longer to load.

If I copy and paste a picture from another site, will it upload to the Content Bank?

No. Save the picture to your own computer before uploading. It's not advisable to use a picture's direct URL addresss either, as the picture may be removed from the original site, which would break the link.

Copying and pasting from, e.g. Word, will pictures be saved?

No. You can make use of Import Files, though, which will load an entire Word file complete with pictures and editing.


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