Synergia Foxy uses three methods of linking: External and internal linking, and direct file linking. You can create a link by selecting the required text and clicking the link button.

External link (linking to another site)

You can create an external link by selecting the text and clicking Add Link. External links can be added as they are to any upper text fields. External links should begin with 'http://', Because external links lead to other sites, it's better to tick Open in another/new tab. When you click Add, the link is ready.

Internal link (linking to the same site)

You can create an internal link by clicking the magnifying glass button. This will take you directly to a site map in the same language. You can link your selected text to whichever page you want. When you click Add, the link is ready.

Linking to a file (e.g. PDF)

You can link your selected text directly to a file. The file type usually works directly with an internet browser in PDF or picture file format. You can choose the file found on the site from the Content Bank. When the link has been added, it's worth using the Open in another new tab option.

Editing and deleting links

You can edit a link by clicking on it (editing window appears). If you want to remove the link click Delete Link.

If you want to edit the link text, change To Text in the editing window. Alternatively, you can move the cursor next to the link and scroll to the text to be edited using keypad arrows, whereupon no editing windows will appear.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make an Anchor link?

At present it isn't possible to make an anchor link directly in the editor. You can, however, use the HTML editing space

What does 'Type of´ menu mean?

This menu lets you choose the type of link. There may be several different types, depending on specified style file elements.


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